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How to register a company in Sri Lanka

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How to register a company in Sri Lanka

Question: I want to Register a company in Sri Lanka. But, what’s the incorporation procure? And How to register a company in Sri Lanka, do i will register a private limited company in Sri Lanka at easily?

Register a Business in Sri Lanka or Company registration in Sri Lanka, managing a non-registered business is simply like managing topsy-turvy Dom and may be terribly risky as they’ll arrange to move away while not the trace. No sane person can have any deal with you while not correct analysis regarding your business to confirm he/she is on a safer side. How to register a company in Sri Lanka was an awfully sophisticated hot topic in most of the young startups and entrepreneurs once it involves obtaining business registration Sri Lanka in term of the only real proprietary base or personal Ld. that is wherever we tend to coming back in S & F Consulting Firm. the skilled caretaker on your business registration and accountancy partner for remainder of your life.

When you’re a replacement business owner, each Penny you pay has got to give a comeback on your investment. one in all those expenses is that the registration of your company. whereas it’s going to be one in all those expenses that appear mostly reserve throughout the start stages of your business.


Firstly, we tend to advocate you are taking the maximum amount time as is required and deliberately decide a reputation for your organization that’s important and affordable. This name got to be ready to try and do prominently separating your business from your rivals, WHO provide comparable merchandise or potential edges. we must always then expertise a reputation request at the Registrar of Company and guarantee that they affirm for advancing additional together with your organization’s tour procedure.


Once your name has been approved, we are going to prepare the below documents;

  • Articles of Association
  • Form one – Registration of an organization
  • Form eighteen – Consent and Certificate of Director
  • Form nineteen – Consent and Certificate of Secretary / Secretaries

All forms ought to be written or written. (Section 475). written forms won’t be accepted. we tend to shall show them to you for checking, verificatory and language. After that, we’ll submit them to the Registrar of firms for the corporate formation method.


A company shall among thirty operating days of its incorporation beneath this Act, provide public notice of its incorporation, specifying

  • the name and company range of the corporate
  • the address of the company’s registered workplace.

The process of putting in a replacement Business:

  • Reserve a singular name
  • FormRegister at the Department of the Registrar of firms
  • FormPublic notice of incorporation
  • Register with the tax authorities and procure a Tax number (TIN)

After finishing the registration procedure acquire the Tax number (TIN).

At upper we will mention the incorporation procure of Company or Business registration in Sri Lanka.

Last question was how to register a company in sri Lanka (PLC). Yeah, if you follow some steps you can be register easily a private limited company in Sri Lanka.

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