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company registration Ghana

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Company Registration Ghana

Ghana is the heart of Africa and the gateway between Europe and America.Which takes six hours form the Northern Europe and nine hours from America by flight to reach in Ghana. So it is the most dominant business place according to the history. Ghana is the second coca producers in the world and also has various natural resources like gold and oil. So it is the most dynamic place to start business or invest for the foreign investors. And the process of company registration Ghana is not so complicated.

Limited Company registration process

Limited Company registration process is not so lengthy that takes one day to be completed. Find more information of Ghana foreign company registration process step by step.

Name Approval

The owner’s or the responsible persons of the business are needed to conduct the government approved company registration office to register their business name which has some cost. For search the name it’s GHC 25, Reservation of the name its GHC 50, For the Completed incorporation forms need GHC 15, the company registration fees GHC 230,

For the regulation of each certificate needs GHC 5 (approx.3 certificates).

After having done all the procedure according to the company registration Ghana law companies act 1963(act 179) of the section 15(13) the registrar may preserve the name for the company.

Required documents submission procedure to government office

The person of the companies needs to fill up the form in-house bank, and submit this form in the bank. After that the registrar checks all the documents. After checking all the documents the registrar will issue the business registration certificate.

The form and the incorporation documents are available in the government online site which is Registrar general Department.

Open branch office of foreign company

As a Foreign company who wants to open a Branch Office in Ghana they are also eligible to open a branch office for their mother concern. To register a branch office for a foreign company is not so complicated in Ghana. A representative office is required to maintain and meet the communication and the desire with local authority. And the representative office should need post office address and one of the representatives of the representative office must be the resident holder of Ghana.

How much capital is required to setup a branch office

To register a branch office for a foreign company has some requirement& cost. To open a branch office the company needs to pay at list $50,000 which can be up to $300,000 according to the business. If the company is 100% foreign ownership. For the Ghanaian the paid up capital is $10,000 to be a partner of the company which is in foreign ownership.

What business can do as branch office

Ghana is the excellent place into the Africa region to do business for the foreign companies. So, today the era of investment in Ghana is smart choice. Ghana is full of natural resources and a pearl of the Africa. Literacy rate of Ghana is good which is growing around 15.30% every year. Around 40% of it’s total population of Ghana are using social network and 27.8% are using facebook .

Computer service

So it’s a very nice business place for computer service like hardware and software, Apps. Development, Digital Marketing services, Bulk SMS service etc.

Live Stock

Livestock farming where the foreign investors can invest their money on Poultry farming, cattle farming, goat, sheep, fish etc. This is the very good investment sector in Ghana where the investors can introduce the people with the modern technology and make growth of farming.


Agro-Products exportation are one of the largest sectors in Ghana where every year lots of raw products are export to India, China, USA, UK, Brazil, Vietnam and others country. It is the exporter’s country where they can export highly demand chili paper, Kola nuts, Bitter Kola, Gari, Coca, Yam Cashew nuts, Tomatoes etc. So here is the vast field to play as an investor to invest. So those are the most precious business in Ghana and to generate the revenue and run the production the investors must need  representative office to make sure the right things are happening right times.

How much income tax will be applied on branch office and company

For the branch office which is standing in Ghana on behalf of their mother concern the tax rate is flat 20% and the company tax rate is 25% in Ghana.

How many partners are required to register limited company

In Ghana a foreign company can hold the business with full ownership which is little surprising by the comparison of others region like South-East Asia or Middle East. Here the foreign company can hold the business with full 100% ownership with some criteria. The companies need a shareholder with two directors. At list one of the directors must be the Ghanaian. And every year the company must need to submit their financial statements to the local company’s registrar to complete procedure of company registration Ghana.