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Company registration Morocco

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Company Registration Morocco

Now today lots of foreign countries and local’s are doing business hand to hand and it is easy to process for start business as a private limited company registration Morocco with process and fee. Morocco is one of the prosperous countries in the world. Geographically that is in the North Africa’s region? Morocco’s economy depends on Tourism, Agriculture & Energy. Morocco was the ex-colonized country of France and Spain. So it is clearly known that it is a resourceful country in the world. And now in the modern era of the business, Business is not surrounded by the border.

Limited Company registration process

In Morocco, Limited company registration process is not so lengthy. The investors or the entrepreneurs who want to establish their business in Morocco they can get the basic information from the government online site which is from here you can able to apply for the negative certificate via online. Which can take one day to process of company registration Morocco?

Company name approval

To start the business in Morocco you need to name your business first & this name will reserve for your business. Also, you need to carry the negative certificate to establish your business in Morocco. For the identification and registration of the business, the investors need to apply to the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office where they have to submit their proper documents which are identity  card or passport & formal letter of request. Also, the owner of the business will need to show the plan of his activities of the business in front of the authority. After that by a notary, the owner can able to establish their business. For that, they need to pay a certain amount of money as paid-up capital which is the deposits for the business.

Required documents submission procedure to government office

For the proper registration of business, you need to go to the Regional Tax Directorate office within 30 days with proper documents which are known as the regional investment center. From here the owner of the business can submit the documents of incorporation to the Centre Regional d’-Investissement (CRI).

Here is some procedure of the CRI which is :

– Deposit of bylaws and registration at the Tribunal of Commerce and the Company Registrar

– “Patent” tax number

– Two announcements: in a legal journal and in the Official Bulletin

– Declaration of fiscal existence

– Social security affiliation

– Legalization of legal books

After submitting all those documents within thirty days the announcement will publish as a Gazette. After that, the owner of the business will receive the “Patented”, the fiscal identification, the commercial registration certificate, legal books and the social security registration (CNSS registration).The owner of the business will get the confirmation call when the file is ready.

How to open branch office of foreign company

Morocco is the best place of business for all the aspect. To run the business from another country the foreign investors need to open a branch office in Morocco. According to the Morocco’s law branch office is not consider as individual things. But the branch office needs to appoint a manager to represent the branch office in Morocco.

It is not mandatory that the manager must be the Morocco’s citizen. Here is no charge to establish the branch office. But the branch office must need to publish its annual accounts report to the government agency.

How much capital is required to setup a branch office

Here is no capital is required to establish a branch office in Morocco.

What business can do as branch office

Morocco is one of the eye catching countries in the North African region. Where the investors can start their business with a very low cost and the procedure is easy. The investors don’t have to count extra money to open their branch office for business. Lots of international business organizations are running their business in Morocco. And those businesses need their branch office to establish & run their function in this country.

Those businesses are: Offices Supplies, Medical Devices, Technologies, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Petroleum, Telecommunications, Airplane, Banking, Soft Drink, Finance,

Consulting, Shoes, Shipping, Electrical Equipment’s, Automobiles, Fast Food, Agriculture, software, Cigarettes, Apparels etc.

How much income tax will be applied to branch office and company

In Morocco here is some convenience opportunity on tax. For the non-resident company or the foreign company the tax rate is 8% doesn’t matter the income is.

But for the leasing companies and credit institution, the CIT rate is 37% which is higher.

According to the CIT rate the income tax is :

Taxable income (MAD*)

From                         To                                           Rate (%)

0                            300,000                                         10

300,001             1,000,000                                        20

1,000,001            5,000,000                                      30

5,000,001            and above                                       31

How many partners are required to register limited company

How to register a limited company in Morocco as foreigner? According to the Moroccan Companies Act, to register a business its need two shareholders and one director of any nationality in Morocco. Here is no obligation regarding their nationality even the shareholders and the directors are not required to be the resident holder in Morocco. If you like to company registration Morocco the investors need US$1000 & 25% of it will need to pay when the business set up in the process.