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Company registration in Singapore

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Company registration in Singapore

Name approval policy of a new company registration in Singapore

Name clearance is a part of company registration in Singapore: Name approval is the first step of a company registration procedure. Promoters should propose 3 names to be accepted one of them at beginning.

Know share holding position before register a company

Shares holders: Director can be share holder or individual body, share holders is meant who holds share of the company.

Know how many directors are required to register a new company

Directors: One residing of Singaporean shall be director of the company who may not be holding any shares BUT residing a person of Singapore shall be appointed, nominated as director of the company as law of company registration in Singapore.

Appointing company secretary of Singapore for a new company rules

Appointing a Company Secretary is a part of new company registration in Singapore: Within 6 months appoint a company secretary is the law of Singapore for each company.

Local address of company incorporation in Singapore

Renting Local address is a part of new company registration in Singapore: No box number rather physical address is must to be registered a new company in Singapore.

Corporate tax filing in Singapore

Taxation: If profit stand S$ 300,000 yearly tax shall be charged 9 percent and/ or if profit goes up of the mark, S$ 300,000 tax shall be applicable of 17 percent for the corporate.

Paid up capital of company registration

Authorized and paid up capital is the part of registration process, provided that minimum paid up capital is S$ 1 to meet with registration law in Singapore. There is no option of authorized capital to be fixed.

Time of new company registration in Singapore

Total time of company incorporation in Singapore: Within some hours company is registered after review of the require documents by ACRA, Corporate regulatory authority.

Cost of new company registration in Singapore

Government fees is S$ 300 but total cost including professional service charge is US$ 3000-3500

Why right choice to investment in Singapore

Before starting main discussion of company registration in Singapore you are given some key information why investors choice in Singapore. Singapore, 278 miles land, is a county of Asian continent where almost 1300000-1400000 tourist visits every month. Present currency rate is higher than many countries of the world and currency rate keeps consistency at higher level all the time.  Everybody knows Singapore is called business hub where lots of head quarters, zonal offices, branch offices and limited companies are situated to communicate with whole Asian countries as well as global connection.

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