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Company registration in Germany as foreigner

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Company registration in Germany as foreigner

Germany is the key economic country of Europe where world famous company’s office is situated. Most of the companies are incorporated as Limited Liability Company, GmbH in Germany where minimum one person is required for incorporation. There is information as law for paid up capital that euro 25000 need to ensure as process of company registration in Germany as foreigner.

Being require capital of euro 25000 small and medium enterprise owners discourage to start a business in Germany. But there is another way of company registration in Germany, mini GmbH. To incorporate mini GmbH, UG company euro 100 minimum is require upon some conditions. One of the condition is until euro 25000 is credited ¼ of profit shall have to be reserved. So, every year at the time of annual return submission the said proportion shall have to keep balance for government. This opportunity can be preferred by the small and medium business ideas in Germany.

On the other hand, to incorporate joint stock company’s euro 50,000 is required with minimum 5 members as directorship of the company. By the way, one managing directors should be appointed in case of GmbH company.

Required of Company registration in Germany as foreigner

As required papers of new company registration in Germany as foreigner prepare memorandum and Article of association with signature by the directors where number of shares, director’s position, objectives of business, secretary appointing shall be declared in written.

Additional license of company incorporation in Germany are trade license & membership of chamber of commerce permission. Provided that, all necessary papers shall have to be notarized before submission of company registration in Germany and business address of the entity is must as another condition.

Starting a Proprietorship business in Germany is not allowed as foreigner. Every company has to file annual return within time limited. Companies situated inside of free trade areas can enjoy tax holidays as law of Germany and other companies those are outside of free zone can be enjoyed too.

Time line of new company incorporation in Germany

To complete whole procedure of new company incorporation in Germany may not require time of more than seven to ten (7-10) days.

Fees of company registration in Germany as foreigner

Euro 3200 in total shall be charged to complete whole incorporation procedure in Germany. Provided that extra charge can be added if any further permission is required from another concern department.