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Process of company registration in Pakistan

  • As process of company registration in Pakistan submit application through online at SECP for approval of a name of company
  • Consultant or expert shall prepare MoA & AoA properly with mentioning objectives of the business
  • Filling up prescribe forms namely Form 1, Form 21, Form 29, Form 28 (consent of the director). Because of having online system scan signature should be uploaded for purpose of registration and future modification.
  • Application among all required forms has to be submitted to Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, SECP for approval of company incorporation.
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Process of company registration in Pakistan

Required documents to complete process of company registration in Pakistan

  • Director’s passport copy, physical address, contact number, share holding proportion, paid up capital declaration and directorship position are generally process of company registration in Pakistan.

Fees of new company incorporation in Pakistan

As process of company registration in Pakistan investors should know Government fees, professional fees and other official extra cost that may stand of US$ 2800-US$ 5500. Small business and medium business fees are not same as well as setting up a big industry of manufacturing company fess shall be higher.

Trade Free Zone area of Pakistan

EPZA areas of Pakistan are Karachi, Risalpur, Sandak, Sialkot, Duddar, Gujranwala, Gwadar, Tuwariqui where are declared tax free zone by government. Investors can import machineries and tools without paying taxation. Freedom of repatriation by the investors is available. Sales taxes are exempted in free zone area.dszd

Why investment in Pakistan?

Current fdi of Pakistan is almost US$ 1,879,034,108 (+, -) which indicates higher than previous year. Geographical area od Pakistan is 307,374 mi plus where current population is more than 200 million.  Do you know what goods are famous for in Pakistan? Pakistan is famous for the following items Carpets, Fans, Fruits, Cutler, mineral resources, Cotton, Games instruments and many more. Economy of the country stable upon the following famous goods those are exported and produce locally.

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