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Process of Company Registration in Hong Kong

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Company registration in Hong Kong

Knowing costing information as process of company registration in Hong Kong is wiser as entrepreneur before starting a business. To complete registration process from first phase to end receiving certified copies cost may stand of US$ 1500

Required papers of company registration in Hong Kong

As required papers of company registration in Hong Kong, promoters shall provide their passport copy, scan copy is sufficient. Some prescribe forms should be filled up with Memorandum copy such as Form NNC1 or Form NNC1G and submitted to Registry office.

Required minimum partners to company incorporation in Hong Kong

Limited Liability company format is the most popular by the investors to incorporate. There shall be containing one share holder, one director and one secretary. Provided that share holders number shall not be exceed of fifty in total. Local residing person shall be a director is not requirement to register a business.

Require minimum capital to register a company

 Any amount. Yes, by any amount business can be registered. There is not fixed figure to be registered as paid up capital. No value added tax is applicable for corporation. Without physical address entity shall not be registered is not applicable in Hong Kong. In that case using any address can meet with requirement. Do you know how many companies are registered yearly? It’s not less than 160,000 companies are incorporated each year in HK.

How can I open bank account as foreigner in HK ?

Opening bank account is part of starting a new business after complete of registration formalities. Most of the countries minimum two directors shall be presented physically to open bank account but one share holder is sufficient to meet the requirement here.

Why investment in Hong Kong?

FDI inflow of Hong Kong is almost 116,971,480,279, plus as current year of 2016 that indicates foreign investment position. To hire domestic staff household monthly income should be more than HK$ 15000 to be eligible as employer.

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