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Company registration in India

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Company registration in India

Steps of company registration in India as foreigner

  • Prescribe forms have to fill up and namely form 27 (twenty seven) is one of them;
  • Share holders number between private limited and public limited company registration in India are not same , private limited company registration in India where maximum number of share holders are two hundred and is not allowed to invite share selling publicly and where no limitation for public limited company;
  • There is law of company to hold minimum number of shares at seven in terms of public limited company;
  • All limited companies have paid up authorized capital to register a new company where holding USD two thousand as minimum paid up capital is must and no limitation for maximum one;
  • The person as legal representative who shall be recognized to the government authority of the new company shall have to be ensured power of attorney;
  • Name clearance should take at beginning from government registrar office of India;
  • Each director has identification that contain specific numbers have to be obtained;
  • Each director shall put digital signature which shall be preserved in registrar office for the further necessary of verification;
  • Deposit the sum of government fees and stump fees too over online system;
  • Obtain incorporation certificate
  • Each new company holds permanent account number (PAN) which should obtain after receiving incorporation certificate from registrar office;
  • Individual companies have to obtain tax account number (TAN) and VAT registration to start a business in India and must be registered the professional tax which is apart from TAN;
  • For safeties of employees should be register provident fund and health insurance as law of country;
  • Make sure prior approval from RBI if applicant is a foreign investor and obey FDI rules trading in India;
  • Check your investment sector is encouraged by government or discouraged as foreign entrepreneur;
  • In case of joint venture trading make sure agreement between parties where mention all terms and conditions of business;

Some activities are allowed of foreign liaison office those are:

  • Liaison office of parent company can export and/ or Import the goods as permitted;
  • Studying on parent business areas are mentioned in Memorandum are allowed;
  • Promote industrial and economic development issue with local enterprises are allowed;
  • Acting agent of buying and / or selling of parent company is allowed;
  • Technical support and / or any support of software of parent company is allowed by policy;

Project Office set up information of India

  • Any project of foreign company under contract with local companies of India are allowed by RBI;
  • The project finance shall be remitted from parent company or as bilateral agreement;

Information of branch Office registration in India

  • RBI is the authority to permit foreign branch office inside or outside of free zone area under some conditions:


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