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Company registration services in Malaysia

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Company registration services in Malaysia without business visa

We provide company registration services in Malaysia only for the foreign investors. Private limited company, branch office setup, apply for expatriate visa, virtual office services are provided. Do you know current FDI in Malaysia? It is almost 10,717,509,906 (+,_) where around 28 million tourists visit in Malaysia per year.  These data indicate the financial situation of the country which is much higher than much Asian country. Japan, USA, China and some European countries are major export and import country in Malaysia. Do you know how many partners are requiring forming a new company? For company registration in Malaysia there is minimum 2 partners or share holders are required. Name approval of the business shall come in picture at the beginning. Besides, some prescribe forms have to fill up by writing information such as share holding percentage and signatures. Do not forget to, affidavit for notary of form 48 A within prescribe forms. Company Secretary shall prepare MoA & AoA where 3 main objectives should write those are sensitive and read twice before finalized. For company registration in Malaysia address is required so, put an address of the entity and pay government fees. SSM office click here.

Company Registration in Malaysia without business visa

Many foreign investors don’t know how to get a visa after company registration in Malaysia. Those are financially sound may remit RM 500,000 and apply for visa and work permit. In case of joint venture company share proportion as 50/50 with local residing partners to utilize opportunity of obtaining investor visa.

How to register a company in Malaysia

Company name can be approved by 2 days if choice names are accepted. Directors do not need to be present physically before completion of process of company registration in Malaysia as foreigner. In that case documents (prescribe forms) can be sent through courier and 5 days may additional waste to reachable to the company secretary. You may find many articles on company registration if search how to register a company in Malaysia and many other information of company registration in Malaysia for foreigner.

Free Trade Zone in Malaysia (FTZ)

Manufacturing industry and other business entities prefer to setup office inside of FTZ (Free Trade Zone) to enjoy tax exemption facilities. FTZ areas are situated in Penang, Hulu Klang, Kedah, Johor and Selangor of Malaysia.

Fees of business registration in Malaysia

For small and medium enterprises USD 3500 to US$ 4900 is charged in total including government fees and professional fees, visit us to know more information of company incorporation procedure .

Company incorporation in Malaysia

When business is grown in own country entrepreneurs plan to setup his business to other countries. Malaysia is one of such country where entrepreneurs plan to register company. As Company Act, 1965 of Malaysia foreign investors can hold 100 percent ownership. But in practical we found entrepreneurs are suggested to appoint local residing Malaysian directors whether offering shares or without any number of shares.

No question is why this flying rule is applicable in Malaysia? We find nowhere within law book such rules of appointing local residing but without it is advised by all of the consultant, consultancy firm of Malaysia to appoint local directors before planning to register a new company as foreigner.

Opening corporate bank account is another problem in Malaysia as foreigner. No banks allow opening account. How will your face look when after getting permission of company registration you are not allowed to open bank account!!

Let try to find a solution of them.
1. Without local residing of Malaysian a company can be registered holding 100% foreign ownership
2. Bank account opening is also possible upon terms and conditions.

Very few consultant advice on this two major issue providing proper clarification to the investors of company incorporation in Malaysia. As a result many company owners are falling problem registering company in Malaysia every day.

Solution one: Without local residing a company can be registered but appoint local person if you have reliable one in Malaysia whom shall be offered on single number of shares as advantage of working in Malaysia.
Solution two: Only very few banks allow opening corporate account upon some terms and conditions. We shall guide you accordingly due to confidential is not discussed here.

Local banks like AMBank, May Bank, RBH, Affin, Allian, Public Banks will not allow the foreign companies to open account with them.

Ques: Why RM 500,000 is asked for registering a company in Malaysia as foreigner?

Ans: If you want to meet with all terms and conditions of registering a limited liability company in Malaysia is suggested to make paid up capital of RM 500,000.

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