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Company Registration in Mauritius

Company registration in Mauritius is done under Company Act 2001 and FS Act 2007. Basically two types of company are registered in Mauritius as follows:

01. Company as Category 1 Global Business License (GBC 1)
02. Company as Category 2 Global Business License (GBC 2)
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Company registration in Mauritius

Find here to apply through online registration:  https://portalmns.mu/, Corporate and business registration office in Mauritius: http://companies.govmu.org/English/Pages/default.aspx 

Company registration in Mauritius

  • As basic requirement of company registration in Mauritius proposed share holders shall declare a approval letter in writing of figure of members, value of share, paid up and authorized capital;
  • Passport copy of the proposed share holders, name approval paper, share holder’s address, company secretary’s address shall be additional requirement of company registration in Mauritius;

GBC 1: Company Registration in Mauritius

  • Each business name is titled as corporation, corporate, limited
  • Business entity shall pay tax as profit volume of business;
  • Branch offices of foreign companies are not permitted to engage into trading in Mauritius;
  • This type of company shall hold one share holder and one director as process of new company registration in Mauritius;
  • Appointing company secretary for registered company is another requirement of new company incorporation in Mauritius;
  • In case of treaty agreement countries, company can enjoy without paying double tax in particular business sectors;
  • If company earn surplus does not need to pay taxation under GBC 1 category of company;
  • Usually, authorized capital shall be US$ 1000,000 of each companies that is declared by AoA before papers submission of company registration in Mauritius;
  • Note: Banks, insurance entities, trusty business, investment entities are not permitted to register new company in Mauritius unless taken prior permission by authority;
  • This category of companies are not permitted to offer public share in market and is strictly forbidden;
  • Business tax rate start from 0 to maximum 10% but at a certain layer tax rate stay between 0% to 3%;
  • Audit report submission is not requirement of such company in Mauritius under GBC 1 category;

Company Incorporation in Mauritius

GBC 2, Company Incorporation in Mauritius

  • Mauritius local offshore companies are not allowed to start business under this category and to company incorporation in Mauritius;
  • Investment, trusty, insurance and reinsurance businesses are not allowed for company incorporation in Mauritius;
  • Nonresident investors can hold full percent of shares to incorporate private limited company in Mauritius;
  • Hiring/ appointing local person as director is not requirement of company incorporation in Mauritius;
  • As process of new company incorporation in Mauritius, one share holder and one director is need, provided that multiple share holders are allowed;
  • Double taxation treaty agreement is not applicable under GBC 2;
  • As company incorporation in Mauritius policy, company is incorporated by minimum one share holder;
  • Minimum paid up capital of a company might be US dollar one;
  • Company shall have a correspondence address of each company;
  • Exciting news is company income tax is zero and annual report submission is not requirement;
  • Company incorporation in Mauritius under this category is preferred by foreign entrepreneurs; 


Many local and foreign banks are available in Mauritius as list of banks in Mauritius

Company registration cost in Mauritius

01. Company registration fees in Mauritius Category GBC1 Fees US $ 6800
02. Company registration fees in Mauritius Category GBC 2 Fees US$ 1500

Additional requirement of company registration in Mauritius:

  • Work permit, business visa or investors visa can be obtained by foreign investors after completion of company registration in Mauritius;
  • Foreign investment procedure is easier and kept in good eyes by government organs to provide maximum facilities to the nonresident investors;
  • Garments and textile businesses are growing being well connecting countries of African country and European country, besides, mineral, gas, IT, services, big industry sectors have to established as remarkable;
  • No hassle on generating revenue and tax issue by government;
  • Investors can fully enjoy tax exemption if business is located inside of tax free zone areas;
  • Many foreign banks are available to cooperate investors opening bank account and banking;

Company registration time in Mauritius

Company registration time in Mauritius two weeks, highest GBC 1
Company registration time in Mauritius four weeks, highest GBC 2
Branch office registration in Mauritius
  • Company certified papers are need to verify by embassy of Mauritius ;
  • Business activities of the branch office have to be writing in meeting minutes;
  • A person shall be authorized who will forward papers to have permission as consultant/ expert;
  • It may take four weeks time to have completion of registration in Mauritius;
  • Branch office registration permission is given by government concern department

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