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Company registration service in Sri Lanka

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Company registration service in Sri Lanka

We provide all types of Company registration service in Sri Lanka for native and foreign entities. the way of company registration in Sri Lanka searching for an answer then consult us for Sri Lanka company registration and business registration in Sri Lanka.  If you’re pondering beginning an organization in Sri Lanka, you’d be knowing arrive with an idea and somewhat of capital. The planet Bank ranks the country 109th out of 189 countries on its ‘Ease of Doing Business’ index. However, Sri Lanka has seen the emergence of a lot of startups at intervals the past decade. The govt. has created efforts to encourage trade and entrepreneurship. Whereas putting in place an organization involves minor body hurdles, the method is fast and easy. Registration is best done in-person, not online. Here square measure some vital tips for the potential businessperson in Sri Lanka.

There square measure many sorts of business structures in Sri Lanka. These are:

  • Sole proprietary
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability Company
  • Public Ltd.
  • Overseas company
  • Offshore company
  • Sole proprietary

Something about Company registration service in Sri Lanka in following, The structure of a sole proprietary is comparable in most countries. after you register as a sole monger, you’re taxed at a private financial gain rate. You’re accountable for all company obligations. this can be the best and fastest business to line up. As a sole monger, you’ll still be ready to use different people.


A registered partnership is comparable to a sole proprietary, however the possession is shared. From a legal and tax perspective, all partners share the obligations of the corporate. Partnerships aren’t taxed as separate legal entities, therefore partner’s square measure subject to private financial gain rates.

Limited Liability Company (LLC):

The indebtedness company is that the commonest form of business registration Sri Lanka. It needs one director and 2 shareholders. Minimum share capital isn’t needed. the corporate secretary should be a personal United Nations agency resides in Sri Lanka.

Public Ltd. (PLC):

A public Ltd. doesn’t need minimum share capital, either. this sort of business is needed to possess 2 shareholders and 2 administrators. Administrator’s square measure needed to file annual returns, in conjunction with audited accounts and monetary statements. Shares square measure allowed to be issued on the exchange.

Overseas Company:

An overseas company may be foreign-owned and might function a branch. this sort of company’s operations square measure outlined by the parent company. the corporate should register with the Treasury and is subject to a tenth branch tax on profits.

Offshore Company:

An offshore company will conduct business outside of Sri Lanka. However, it cannot conduct business at intervals the country, however can still be registered there.

How to register an company in Sri Lanka?

The process for an Company registration service in Sri Lanka is easy. On average, the complete method takes concerning 10 days from begin to complete.

Here square measure the steps:

  1. Through the Registrar of corporations on-line, you’ll got to rummage around for and reserve your name. This reservation can stay valid for 3 months. It costs 1,000 Sri Lankan rupees (LKR), or the equivalent of concerning 6€. Your registration is going to be confirmed at intervals 2 days.
  2. Next, the corporate secretary and director should sign a consent kind. this can be tired person and solely takes daily. If you don’t have a secretary in mind, native organizations can serve to supply an organization secretary for satiny low monthly fee (between thirty,000 LKR and forty five,000 LKR).
  3. Submit the subsequent forms through the Registrar of Companies: kind one (Registration of a Company), kind eighteen (Consent and Certificate of Director), kind nineteen (Consent and Certificate of Secretary) and 2 copies of your Articles of Association. This method is often completed at intervals three days. the price could be a flat fee of fifteen,000 LKR for kind one, and a flat fee of LKR one,000 and 11 November VAT for every of the opposite forms.
  4. Give public notice of your company’s incorporation at the Daily Newspapers and Government Publication Bureau. you need to provide this notice at intervals sixty days of incorporating, and therefore the newspaper can publish your notice at intervals time period. it’ll value LKR seven,000.
  5. Obtain a Tax positive identification (TIN) from the remunerator Services Unit of the administrative unit Department. There’s no charge and it takes sooner or later. This should be tired person.
  6. If applicable, register for worth additional Tax (VAT) with the VAT Registration Branch of the administrative unit Department. It takes sooner or later and there’s no value. If you switch over quite three, 750,000 LKR per quarter you will get permanent VAT registration.
  7. Obtain associate degree (EFP) range from the Department of Labor. corporations register here so as to pay gratuities to staff of quite 5 years through Sri Lanka’s financial organization. This takes sooner or later and there’s no value.
  8. What square measure legal obligations and responsibilities?
  9. The Sri Lankan Department of administrative unit lays out the tax structure needed for people, partnerships and corporations. reckoning on your scenario, you will be entitled to un-taxed allowance in Sri Lanka, given that your financial gain is below an exact quantity.
  10. The Institute of chartered Accountants in Sri Lanka created a governance with reference to all company monetary procedures. at intervals the code, they steered that corporations ought to develop a clear policy on govt and director compensation. Company governance standards square measure currently obligatory for all listed corporations and that they should cowl coaching, compliance coverage and board structure.
  11. According to Sri Lankan labor law, associate degree worker is entitled to fourteen days of paid annual leave when serving twelve months endlessly at the corporate. staff square measure entitled to 1 and a [Fr-1] days off per week, in addition as pay on all public and spiritual holidays. they’re conjointly entitled to [Fr-1] a month’s earnings for every completed year of service when 5 or a lot of years within the event of a termination. Maternity leave is twelve weeks in Sri Lanka.

There’s no pension theme for personal sector staff in Sri Lanka. However, corporations should pay gratuities to staff when 5 years in corporations of fifteen individuals or a lot of.

What if i want a lot of facilitate putting in place my business?

There square measure several public bureaus, personal corporations and documentation accessible to help entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. There’s conjointly a strong businessperson community at intervals the country. Here square measure a number of your options:

  • The Sri Lankan financial organization has created a guide for entrepreneurs. They walk you bit-by-bit through the method of putting in place a business within the country. you’ll conjointly explore their web site for general articles concerning transacting business at intervals Sri Lanka.
  • The Sri Lankan Government info Centre can guide you thru the registration method for every form of company if you bog down.
  • The Sri Lankan Department of Labor will educate you on labor legislation, applied mathematics info, vital forms, current events and news.
  • The Institute of chartered Accountants in Sri Lanka provides documentation on business structures.
  • If you’re willing to pay to a small degree bit, several personal consultancies can work with you to delineate your desires, offer you with an organization secretary and answer any queries you will have.

That was Company registration service in Sri Lanka, currently you’re at an excellent place to begin to form positive your Sri Lankan company could be a roaring success.