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Business setup in Brazil

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Business setup in Brazil


The largest country in South America; Brazil or the Federation Republic of Brazil, could be a regional economic power. Business setup in Brazil could be a viable possibility for formidable entrepreneurs trying to expand internationally. it’s the eighth largest economy within the world by nominal value and by buying power parity. a pacesetter among rising markets, the economy of Brazil principally depends on Mining, Agriculture, producing and also the industry. Listed below square measure many reasons why putting in place a business in Brazil may prove advantageous for your business:

  • It includes a stable political and social setting.
  • The dividends square measure exempt from tax.
  • A pro-business government that actively works to boost employment levels, consumption power and financial gain, whereas attempting to usher additional monetary programs thereby increasing business dynamics.
  • It includes a immense growing client market.
  • It has AN long and heterogeneous energy resource.
  • It is one among the world’s largest producer and businessperson of minerals and food.
  • Incorporating a Business in Brazil is very enticing for the Oil and Gas, IT/BPO, Life Sciences, personal Equity and risk capital and also the touristry trade.
  • It has stable economic process and low inflation.
  • It includes a well-positioned economy globally attributable to its size and interaction with alternative economies



  • Minimum 2 Shareholders
  • Minimum one Director (any nationality)
  • One Brazilian personal representative
  • No minimum share capital needed (with the exception of a few)
  • A native registered agent and workplace address


  • Article of Association
  • Collection document of the Federal Revenue
  • Business name consultation
  • National registration type
  • Notarized copy of identification document (owner or partners)
  • Proof of residence
  • Identity proof of foreign shareholders
  • Proof of existence of company within the country of origin
  • Articles of Incorporation

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